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Cessna 206

Fly into a South African safari with the luxury of VIP aircraft. We offer Private Charter flights into almost any safari destination across South Africa. Looking for the perfect get away? Enjoy the sight seeing of South Africa in the wild bush on a safari flight.

The Cessna 206 Turboprop

The Cessna 206 boasts 300 Horse Power, climbing at a rate of 988 frm with a max cruise speed of 280 km/h. The Cessna 206 is popular in aviation due to it’s ability to land on rough and rugged landing strips.

Safari Tour Flights
The Cessna 206 is specially designed and equipped to handle, manage and land on the terrain in most Safari Tour destinations, making it the perfect aircraft for your Safari Flight.

Cessna 206 Range
Service Ceiling: 15700 ft

Cessna 206

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