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VIP treatment to you

Private charter flights VIP Lounge

Whenever you book private charter flights with Titanium Air, we give you the luxury treatment of a VIP guest. Before your flight you will be treated to our VIP Lounge with a full view of the airport Landing strip at Lanseria Airport Base, on request.

When our guests are treated to the Private Charter flights VIP lounge, they are treated to cool beverages, light snacks such as cookies, muffins and rusks with home brewed coffee and more. We have a selection of coffee’s such as Cappuccino, Espresso, and other popular hot beverages such as Hot Chocolate and more.

Furthermore, if you choose make use of the VIP Lounge at Lanseria, you are greeted with some of the most exclusive Private Jets for viewing while you wait for your flight to depart. The Landing and take off strip is not far from the Private Charters VIP lounge, therefore giving you a beautiful scenic view.

Over and above the VIP Lounge and scenery at Lanseria, your flight will depart at your requested and arranged travel times. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

VIP Lounge Lanseria Airport

The Benefits of a Private Charter Flight

Charter flights are customizable to your specific needs and preferences. You can choose the departure time, the destination, the type of aircraft, and the in-flight services.

Charter flights offer more flexibility than commercial flights. You can change your itinerary or route if needed, without the hassle of rebooking or cancellations.

Charter flights offer more privacy than commercial flights. You can avoid crowded airports and long lines, and you won’t have to share the plane with strangers.

Charter flights offer more comfort than commercial flights. You can choose the type of aircraft that suits your needs and enjoy spacious seating, in-flight entertainment, and personalized service.

Charter flights can save you time compared to commercial flights. You can avoid long check-in and security lines, and the aircraft can land at smaller airports closer to your final destination.

Depending on the number of passengers and the destination, charter flights can be more cost-effective than commercial flights, especially for groups or corporate travel.

Overall, charter flights offer a convenient, comfortable, and customizable travel option for individuals or groups who value privacy, flexibility, and efficiency.

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We host a wide variety of Private Jets to choose from and cater for both long and short distance flights with a vast range of passenger options for your Private Charters.

Safari Tour Flights

Looking to go on a Safari Tour? View our favorite Safari Destinations such as the Kruger National Park with our Private Charters and read a bit more about them.

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Enquire with us today about your Private Charter Flights. Whether its a Safari Tour, a Scenic Flight, Business or Leisure charter, we cater for all flight arrangements.


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Covid 19 Safety

Titanium Air Adheres to all of the official Covid 19 Regulations and safety measures required before and after flights, in accordance with the laws of the Republic of South Africa.

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